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Durango Mountain Realty - Durango Real Estate Listings and Sales

At Durango Mountain Realty we specialize in many different types of real estate listings and sales in the Durango, Colorado area.  We work with the following types of property in and around Durango Mountain Resort and Purgatory Mountain, as well as throughout Durango and the greater La Plata County area:

Why Choose Durango Mountain Realty?

We're committed to creating a place for you and your family to connect, away from the noise and distractions, and away from overbooked schedules and rushed meals. A place where a "great room" means the start of great memories, where a chairlift ride is the start of an actual conversation with your teenager. The ownership of your special place is the start of togetherness for you, your children and their children.

Family time is fleeting. We'll set the table amidst phenomenal natural beauty, with a wholesome plethora of activities and a mountain home with a "Sweet!" backyard.  The rest is up to you...

"Time With Your Family...They aren’t making any more of that either!"


Durango Mountain Realty is the leading brokerage in Durango’s resort area.  We are the experts in the Purgatory and resort area markets and are proud to be the exclusive brokerage for Purgatory and Durango Mountain Resort. Call us for expert and professional Durango real estate services at 888-693-2399, or email us at